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What you Need to Know Before You Submit a Written Prayer Request

Before you write and send a prayer request to my ministry, I’d like to give you a word of instruction. In sending a request, you will be joining your faith with mine. As you write this request, know that you are not writing it so much to me, but to the Lord. Know that He is hears /reads your request and that He is already moving on your behalf.

As soon as you hit send, know that your faith is in operation to see the miracle you need. So the next thing you need to do is to spend some time thanking the Lord that he has heard you and is moving on your behalf.

Caution: God may not answer your request just as your requested as God is not a vending machine. But here’s where your hope is: He loves you. He hears you. He is working for your good. You can trust Him in your concern. Now you need to release your will to his will by praying this simple prayer, the same prayer that Jesus himself prayered: “Not my will Lord, but your will.”

When your believe, trust, and then rest in God’s great love for you, know that a miracle is coming your way because:

1. You can trust God.

2. God loves you and has not forgotten you.

3. God hears you.

4. Your faith in God is rising.

5. You are asking for His will in the situation.

6. God is not ignoring you for any reason.

7. Once again: You serve a God you can trust. So relax in his love for you as you reach out to him in prayer!

If you are not sure that you know God, please go to to find out how to have a personal relationship with him.
miraclesTo Submit Your Prayer Request

To send your request, …first pray this prayer with me — then submit your request below:

Dear Lord,

Thank you that you love me, thank you that you hear my prayer. I come to you and place this request, that I am sharing with Linda and the Got to Pray prayer team, at your feet. Shine the light of your truth on my request and open my spiritual eyes so that I can see that you are at work. I declare that I know that you hear me and that I trust you as you work out my request for your glory and my good. I declare that I know that you love me and have my good in mind as you answer my request. Help me to see when the miracle is answered, even if it has a different shape than I requested. For I know you are a creative and powerful God and that your answer to my request may be more miraculous than anything I could have imagined.

In Jesus’s name,


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